Published: 2023-05-08T16:45:31+0000 Updated: 2023-05-08T16:45:33+0000 Author: Chris Wilson

Sustainable Branded Merch is here to stay

Seen as a buzzword in recent years, young buyers are making Sustainability a lasting category

When a new term gains popularity and traction in the business world, sometimes it's easy to say that we're in a fleeting fad stage created by buzzwords and hype.  However, certain things have lasting power and endure, impacting the way we talk and forcing companies to re-think what's important to their audience.

Such is the case with sustainability.  Unlike the previous hot buzzwords like "freemium" and "synergy" (I personally hated that one), the market has driven eco-friendly and sustainable merchandise to a values-oriented category in the promotional products industry.

​Sustainability as a value proposition

The movement by younger buyers to align their buying decisions based upon how those products fit with their personal values has driven this industry shift.

Per a recent Forbes survey of consumers:

  • Almost 30% said they want to improve the environment 
  • 23% wish to reduce production waste.
  • 22% are aiming to reduce their carbon footprint
  • 17% are concerned with animal welfare.
  • 7% cited social signaling as a motivator

Moreover, a recent Business News Daily Survey reported 72% of respondents intentionally purchase more environmentally friendly products than they did five years ago.

With retail brands like Tentree focusing on these consumer intentions, corporate buyers are driving demand for merch that keys in on these values to attain and retain employees.

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Defining the Term

That has been an object of contention in the environmental space as Sustainability lends itself to a wide range of interpretations.

Fine-tuning your Brand's sustainability standards and aligning product selection to those standards - be it with give-back initiatives or using green materials - will help build buy-in with employees and consumers.

However, all products in this space aren't equal, and labeling a product eco-friendly or sustainable doesn't mean that it is good for either term! Making sure that the products not only align with your Brand guidelines but also live up to the terminology is important, especially when the end user is driven to use that product.

By defining your Brandview of sustainability, you can then create a merchandise solution that not only helps the environment, but motivates employees to align their values with your Brand.

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Building a sustainable and environmentally friendly branded merchandise program for your company can be a tricky proposition. But by aligning your brand with the values that your employees embrace when it comes to the environmental movement, your company will be better positioned to retain and gain employee trust.  Though the term may change slightly ("eco-friendly") or become more focused ("compostable"), the concept is here to stay. Ask one of our Brand Experts  help design a sustainable merchandise program that reflects your brand values!

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