Published: 2023-03-09T15:23:20+0000 Updated: 2023-03-09T15:23:22+0000 Author: Chris Wilson

2023 Trends in Custom Merchandise and Apparel

This year is about being present and connected in today's society. Think immersive experiences, intentional living and making a positive impact with branded merchandise

2023 Merchandise Trends

This year's trends are focused on individual improvement, building relationships and making an impact in today's society.  From playful immersive experiences to intentional living, we've curated a collection of merchandise that will help you drive connection and inspire engagement that are in line with the trends that are set to shape our lives in the coming year.

Play Immersively

Looking at the rise of pickle ball, goat yoga and camping, 2023 is all about immersive play experiences.  Think about creating engaging and interactive environments that allows your audience to lose themselves in the experience.  From virtual reality games, escape rooms and interactive theater, we see immersive play experiences gain popularity, especially for team building programs. Creating programs that pull your audience in to another world, where they can dive in to a storyline and engage in meaningful ways will help grow connection and productivity. 

Home Reimagined

The pandemic is still making an impact today, with many of us spending more and more time at home, resulting in new ways we think about our living spaces. The home is more than just a place to sleep and eat, we now look to create multi-functional spaces where work, relaxation and entertainment are seamlessly integrated.  Think about energy resilient devices, modular furniture and workplace items that create an organized, functional space

Live Intentionally 

​In today's society, people are more mindful of their choices and how they impact the environment and society. This trend is about purposeful living, with merchandise choices that allow you to feel nourished, grounded and in tune with creating a better environment and a better you.

Take a Trip

That lovely pause we had with the pandemic has placed a premium on travel this year.  Bottom line, people are itching to travel and get back to experiencing new places and cultures.  Instead of simply seeing tourists spots, we will be looking for destination experiences that provide connection with local cultures and communities.  Branded merchandise that helps promote getting out and experiencing the world in meaningful ways will create lasting memories beyond the photo.

Making a Mark

Today's new generations are focused more and more on influencing change and making an impact on society.  From volunteering to social entrepreneurship, this trend is about using skills and resources to make a difference in the world. Brands that leverage merchandise give back programs or sustainably produced products will make a strong connection with their employees in today's workplace.

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