Terms of Service

The following terms of service relate to all transactions of goods or services through the brandextenders.com website from Brand Extenders, LLC (the "seller"). Anyone or entity accessing the site or purchasing goods and services through this Website (the "buyer") agrees to be bound by these terms of service.

  1. Usage of Site - Being a site visitor or customer making a purchase grants you access to use the site to evaluate your purchase of Brand Extenders, LLC’s products and services. However, being a site visitor or customer does not allow the user to have access or rights to any of the content on the brandextenders.com site, social media outlets or marketing materials without expressed written consent from Brand Extenders, LLC. Any site users must be at least 18 years of age or associated with an entity that is legally allowed to participate in a binding contract as listed out in the Brand Extenders, LLC website documentation, including this document. Any comments or contributions to product reviews, blog posts or any other associated material made by site users is able to be utilized by Brand Extenders, LLC and any of its affiliates in perpetuity without legal recourse or royalty claims.

  2. Indemnification - Any and all site users and customers agree to hold Brand Extenders, LLC harmless from and against all losses, claims, costs and liabilities, including attorney fees that result from usage of the site and violations of any terms of service listed in the website documentation.

  3. Limitation of liability - Brand Extenders, LLC is a limited liability company and under no circumstance shall be held liable for any incidental damages resulting from site visitors or customers using the site, including negligence. Brand Extenders, LLC will not be held liable for any circumstances that are beyond reasonable control, to include but not limited to weather conditions, political unrest, war, acts of god, natural disasters, labor strikes, customs delays and failure of subcontractors to perform. Shipping and delivery dates are best estimates based on Brand Extenders, LLC and its suppliers expectations. Brand Extenders, LLC is not liable for delay in delivery. At Brand Extenders, LLC we work to provide high quality photos and descriptions of products. We are not liable for differences in color schemes that are due to monitor settings. The website offers the ability to upload logos and images. The buyer must have rights to images, logos and trademarks that are used as printed artwork. Brand Extenders, LLC cannot be held liable for any misuse of trademarks, logos and trademarks as the buyer assumes all liability.

  4. Pricing Fluctuation Potential - Brand Extenders, LLC is committed to providing transparent pricing to its customers and site visitors.Brand Extenders, LLC reserves the right to adjust pricing, without notice, up and down for unforeseen and unnoticed price fluctuations. If a price increase is made and the customer no longer wants to make the purchase, they have the right to cancel without any recourse or cancellation fees.

  5. Privacy - Brand Extenders, LLC is committed to protecting user and account information including usernames, passwords and billing information. Users are responsible for keeping their account credentials safe and secure. It is the users responsibility to immediately notify Brand Extenders, LLC of any unauthorized use of their account or breach of their security. The user and / or account holder is responsible for any losses stemming from unauthorized use of their account. Please refer to Brand Extenders, LLC’s official privacy policy for more information on how your information is protected.

  6. Marketing Contact - When creating an account with Brand Extenders, LLC the user and / or account holder is agreeing that they can be contacted with marketing materials. The user has the right to unsubscribe from future marketing campaigns. 30 days must be given for all marketing communications to cease.

  7. Adjustments to Orders - Brand Extenders, LLC will always wait for the site user’s official approval for the printing on a product. Once an order is approved for print production by the customer, no changes or adjustments will be allowed to be made. To continuously provide industry best in class service, once an order is approved it is immediately sent for printing. It is the user's responsibility to confirm that all artwork is appropriately placed based upon the proof provided by Brand Extenders, LLC.

  8. Samples - Sample items are pulled from sample stock on hand at the factory level and may have an existing imprint when shipped.  Please note sample orders are final and refunds or returns are not available, especially if the item comes in with a random imprint.  Samples are intended for business purchases to touch and feel the product and not for personal use.

  9. Cancellations - If cancellation happens before a factory proof is generated, no cost is due to the customer. However, if the order is canceled upon generation of a factory final proof, a 10% cancellation fee may be incurred by the customer. When an order cancellation happens after final artwork proof approval, the user / account holder is liable for all charges. An honest attempt to stop the process will be made with zero guarantee that any cost savings can occur due to the rapid nature of Brand Extenders, LLC’s operations.

  10. Payment - Users / customers agree to pay for goods and services at time of placing order. All listed prices are in USD ($).  Credit cards are accepted - Visa, Mastercard and American Express.  Upon placing an order, any additional product costs such as rush fees, special order requests, additional embellishment charges, expedited shipping and applicable duties and/or taxes will be added to the order and billed as separate line items. Costs incurred after an order is placed will be discussed with the user/customer and any prior payment(s) will be noted as a deposit to the overall order.  The user/customer will then receive an adjusted invoice with the additional costs that can be paid via credit card. 

  11. Shipping - Brand Extenders, LLC is not liable or responsible for undeliverable packages, incorrect shipping addresses or third party delivery attempts. Call to confirm shipping to APO or FPO addresses as some manufacturers will not deliver to such addresses. All products are buyer's property upon receipt and Brand Extenders, LLC is not liable for any damages to products post delivery. Sometimes multiple manufacturers are used to help provide our customers with the best service. Therefore, sometimes your order will come in multiple shipments. Prices are listed as FOB from the shipping point meaning upon delivery the buyer accepts risk of loss and title for products.

  12. Buyer agrees that seller may use buyer's name and logo on seller's website and in other marketing materials to identify buyer as a customer of seller

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