Return Policy

  1. Non-Returnable Items 
    We work to ensure that you receive exactly what you have ordered by providing pre-production proofs - be it by email or physical proofs on request.  We will not produce your merchandise prior to getting your written sign-off on what your product will look like once produced.

Once approved, merchandise and apparel that is printed or embellished with your logo  is not returnable.  That being said, if the product has manufacturing defects, we will work with the supplier to establish a solution to the issues - be it full return or otherwise.  Our goal is to make sure your order meets your expectations, and if there are any post-approval print issues, we will work with the supplier to provide remedy to you.

Certain products may be non-returnable due to the nature of the goods - for example any PPE products are not returnable be it blank or decorated.  These goods are designated as non-returnable on our site.

  1. Pre-Production Cancellation
    In the event you change your mind about your order during the pre-production or proof approval process,, please contact our customer care department for a full refund. However, once your order has been sent to a production facility, we are unable to refund your purchase price.

  2. Disclosure of Fees
    Some blank items are subject to a restocking fee. Returns on undamaged blank items may require an average of 10% to 20% restocking fee. This fee is based solely on the fee requirements of our suppliers. Since we do business with an ever-changing list of suppliers, each of which has different fee policies, this amount may vary per order.

  3. Samples
    All sample sales are for random printed or blank goods direct from the factory. Sample orders are final, non-returnable, and non-refundable. If a decorated order is later placed for the same sample item, Brandextenders will discount your order by that sample order cost.


  1. Responsibility for Shipping
    We will arrange for pickup of any misprinted, damaged or defective items at no cost to you.

  2. Window of Returns
    Please check your order for defects immediately upon arrival, as there are no returns after 30 days from receipt of order.

  3. Incorrect Items
    If you receive misprinted or incorrect merchandise, please contact us and we will do our best to fix your issues.

  4. Required Condition of Returned Items
    Returned items must be in new, unused condition.  We will not accept any worn, lightly used merchandise, and as is stated above, there is a 30 day window for returns of any nature.

  5. Receiving Your Refund
    Method of refund depends primarily on the method of initial payment. Credit card orders will be refunded to the same credit card of purchase.

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