Privacy Policy

Brand Extenders, LLC believes in a transparent, easy to use website for it’s visitors. We appreciate the privacy of our users, visitors and customers of the website. By visiting our site you are agreeing to the terms of this privacy policy.

This privacy policy is meant to educate the reader of our policies and practices regarding the collection, use and disclosure of any information we obtain about you based upon your visit to our website, products or services.

What type of information is collected?

When you visit, we collect your email address, contact information, IP address, browsing behavior, date and time that you visited the site, the pages that you accessed and any sites that referred you to We do not collect or store any financial information from your visit.

Why is information collected?

The information that we do collect is meant to help us understand how people are coming to our site, how they are engaging with the site and, more importantly, to help us create a friendly and easy to use shopping experience for our customers.

How is information used and who has access to it?

Information collected is used to help expedite your orders. Only will have access to your information and that information is never shared or sold to other websites or entities.

How do privacy policy changes occur?

Any changes to Brand Extenders, LLC’s privacy policy will be updated directly on the privacy policy page with the date of change notated on the page. Upon any policy change, all of our customers will be notified via email accordingly.

How is collected information protected?

Brand Extenders, LLC takes the security of your information seriously and has taken measures to help protect your personal information including the use of SSL and monitoring and testing the security of our systems. That being said, no service provider is 100% secure from risks associated with access to personal information, we are no different.  Your protection and safety is a top priority for us and we will continue to provide a secure shopping experience for you.

How the Company Collects Financial Information

"Financial Information" is information about a person's financial condition or information about a person's bank accounts, credit accounts, financial accounts, payment history and records of invoices to that person, payments made by that person, other information pertaining to payment obligations and login information and payments to online accounts that have the power to initiate or receive payments.

Brand Extenders, LLC collects personal information from customers through the online registration and billing processes or over the phone in which customers are asked to provide a means of payment for products or services purchased. This financial information is collected strictly pertaining to company invoices, subscriber payments and other data in relation to customer payment obligations.   We will not store credit card or other sensitive payment information.

Use of Financial Information

We may use financial information collected from customers in order to bill customers for fees due, process payments, collect amounts due, manage subscriber billing disputes and otherwise manage the billing and collection of fees from customers.

We do not share financial information with other parties (except to the extent financial information is shared with banks, financial intermediaries or collection agencies in connection with the billing process).

Data Deletion

Users may at any time request their data deleted from our system by emailing  We will delete said information quickly and provide a follow up confirmation.

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