How Stanley reinvented itself in to a Drinkware Powerhouse with its custom 40 oz. Tumbler

Published: 2023-12-26T22:55:00+0000 Updated: 2023-12-26T22:55:01+0000 Author: Chris Wilson

From Lunch Pail to Category Dominance

How a Brand reinvented itself through social media influencers to become a cultural phenomenon.

 Stanley was doing just fine maintaining its lane as a mainstay product for the outdoorsman and blue collar worker for 110 years.  It's trademark bottles and thermoses would do exactly as advertised - keep food and drinks hot or cold for hours on end.   

Their famous green tone  products were generating $70 million in annual sales, making the brand a profitable and reliable money maker. 

Changing the Demographics of Drinkware

 In 2016 Stanley launched its Quencher line of drinkware with little buzz.  A 40 oz. tumbler wasn't necessarily burning up the market, especially with brands like Yeti taking the category by storm with its own 20 oz. tumblers.  By 2019, the Quencher line  was facing extinction, with Stanley not getting behind the upstart with marketing or inventory. 

 That all changed with new leadership from another upstart brand - Crocs. By listening to their employees, the new president found a niche for the Quencher line - social media.  

Setting the 'Gram on Fire

We all know social media is amazing at launching brands, and Stanley turned to key influencers too make a profound impact.  By partnering with a blog called Buy Guide, they found a brand ambassador who loved the product and used it for gifts already for friends.  More importantly, the blog was recommending the 40 oz. Tumblers to its readers - solid gold!

By leveraging their influencer base, Stanley was able to break in to a demographic that was untapped - women.  The 40 oz Tumbler  became a clear favorite amongst nurses, teacher and celebrities who would post on Instagram their favorite color creating a cultural fashion trend for the Quencher as a lifestyle accessory. 

Add to the Quencher craze Country Music star collaborations, insane views for #StanleyTumbler, and you have a sales juggernaut that is projected to do $750 million.

Corporate requests for these in incentive and gift programs fueled even greater volume to the extent that Stanley has sold more than 10  million Quenchers, helping build out other offerings in their brand catalog.

Buying in Multiples

Today, the Quencher brand is a status symbol, with buyers looking to purchase different colors to make fashion statements and showcase their looks online.  Stanley has capitalized on the flair with new limited color release that sell out at lightning speed - creating a secondary market for the brand.

By recognizing the market quickly, Stanley was able to explode in to the category and create a long lasting impact in the Drinkware space with social media as its catalyst. Something to think about in your next Brand Adventure!

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