Made in the USA branded merchandise to help build your brand.

Published: 2023-05-26T15:35:55+0000 Updated: 2023-05-26T15:35:53+0000 Author: Chris Wilson

Build your Brand with Patriotic Merchandise

Consumers love domestically made merch that promotes USA pride

With Memorial Day right around the corner, made in the USA branded merchandise is seeing a rise in popularity with Brands.  70% of industrial buyers and retail consumers prefer USA made merchandise and more than 83% say that they would pay 20% or more for products made domestically.

Brands are seeing a positive impact on their engagement with employees and consumers when they leverage custom USA made merch in their programs that provide value beyond the initial use.

Good for the Environment

Choosing products made in the USA reduces the amount of fuel used and carbon emissions associated with transportation.  Moreover, USA operated manufacturers have to produce under the Clean Air Act that promotes environmentally friendly manufacturing guidelines.

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Economic Impact

Buying USA made branded merchandise benefits the whole economy.  Every dollar in final sales of domestically manufactured products supports $1.33 in output from other market sectors.

By purchasing domestic merchandise for your brand programs, you help maintain USA jobs and support small businesses which makes a positive impact in local communities.

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The beauty of domestic production is in the ability to be creative with just-in-time manufacturing.  Typically, if you wanted a completely custom item you would have to go overseas and deal with supply chain and transit issues. However with many companies jumping in to custom manufacturing domestically, not only can you save time but still get the creative look you want without worrying about 30 day boat issues.  The flexibility to drop ship and produce smaller runs of custom merch and hit deadlines makes domestic production very attractive to brands seeking that custom edge. 

Lastly, showing your USA pride with domestic branded merchandise makes an impact not only on communities, but to your workforce by emphasizing their value to your organization.  

I look at Memorial Day through my Father's eyes and see the things he fought through in the Navy for this country.  How it is tough for him to talk about his war efforts, and how he beams at the sight of the American flag.  That pride in Nation, even though at times we are divided, is what makes this nation strong.  

By leveraging branded merchandise that is USA Made in your programs, your Brand can harness that National pride and make an impact that can be felt throughout this country in many positive ways. Ask one of our Brand Experts   to help design custom merchandise made in the good old USA that fits your Brand messaging for your next project.

We hope you and your family have a fantastic Memorial Day weekend and take some time to remember those that have helped make this country such a Memorable and strong Nation.

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