Giving branded corporate gifts during the holidays is just good business.

Published: 2023-08-22T14:31:51+0000 Updated: 2023-08-22T14:31:53+0000 Author: Chris Wilson

Branded Corporate Gifting makes business sense

Showing appreciation with branded gifts brings a two-fold win for Business during the Holidays.

Let's face it, everybody loves getting a present, especially during the holidays.  For businesses though, corporate gifting hits all the right notes when it comes to engagement and building loyalty amongst employees and customers.

With anything these days, there are inevitable pitfalls to gifting, the most damaging is the threat of "phoning it in" and being insincere with your audience.  That being said, by keeping these five principles in mind when building your Holiday program, you will maximize the bang for your gifting dollars and leave lasting impressions. 

Build and solidify relationships 

Strategic gifting is an ideal way to keep your name in the forefront.  Creating a tangible reminder of how much an employee or customer means to you has a lasting impact, especially come Holiday time.  

Look to develop that unboxing moment with a thoughtful, customized gift that showcases the value you place on developing that connection. 

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Distinguish yourself from the Competition

Brands don't ever want to be like that other company, and that also means being unique in the corporate gifting game.

Think about what would make an impression on you, then build your program from there.  Elevating the festive Holiday mood with Food Gifts that go beyond the norm, or leverage Retail Brand apparel to really stand out. 

By providing customized gifts that have a higher perceived value, you put the competition in the rearview.

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Reinforce those Company Values 

81% of employees feel more appreciated when they get branded gifts from their employers. Moreover, 51% say they feel more connected to their workplace when receiving a truly memorable gift during the holidays.

Include your brand's values and personalize with holiday cards that create a memorable experience.

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Connect with Prospects

Holiday greeting cards are important when building those relationships, but when you are really trying to make the right impression - lead with a holiday gift that creates a memory.  66% of gifts recipients remember the brand name of a promotional item they received after a year, and 24% of gifts have opened new opportunities for the gifting company. Not too shabby my friend!  Especially when the corporate gift has a high perceived value like a Tech item or even a digital business card.

Enhance Your Reputation

When you give an employee or customer something thoughtful, it shows the recipient that you appreciate and pay attention to their interests and needs.  Gifting the right items will build goodwill and boost the image of your Brand for the coming year.  This can lead to more referrals, an increase in repeat business and a motivated workforce ready to help you grow. 

Ask one of our Brand Experts   to help design custom corporate gifts that fit your Brand messaging for your next project.

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