Published: 2023-02-06T18:30:16+0000 Updated: 2023-02-06T18:30:17+0000 Author: Chris Wilson

For the love of Barware

It's not just for beverage companies anymore!

I admit I have an unhealthy love of barware, I am an avid collector of custom glassware - be it pints, shot glasses or wine goblets.  It's a problem that my wife is not a fan of, to say the least!  But it's been a collector thing for me since my college days and one of my first projects in this industry were some glass pitchers for a beverage brand.

Branded Drinkware Impresses

Let's face it, we all have our favorites, and glassware is no different.  And companies know that the drinkware category is a key connector to making their brand memorable and identifiable.  Drinkware averages 1400 impressions over its lifetime, making the ROI very attractive to advertisers.  When it comes to barware, the decorating capabilities really give a brand a wide range of opportunities to make a bold statement. 

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Recognize the connection

When it comes to recognition programs, custom barware sets are a great gifting opportunity.  Be it a set of 4 custom stemless glasses or a decanter set, rewarding your employees for their service, or as a client gift will build loyalty and appreciation of your brand.

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​It's true that there's a stigma when it comes to barware, the name speaks for itself.  But when you are looking to connect your brand on a personal basis, leveraging the impressions of drinkware makes sense.  Think about your next leave behind as something your audience will use time and time again, not just for alcoholic beverages, but for daily use in their homes, at their desks, and then visualize your brand making memories with their life.  Then, you can see how a pint glass or a wine goblet can increase your brand recognition.

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