Create connections with branded event merchandise

Published: 2023-06-14T13:57:15+0000 Updated: 2023-06-14T13:57:16+0000 Author: Chris Wilson

​Build Engaging Events

In-person events are back post pandemic and are giving brands that all important face time with their audience.

Branded items for events help create that personalized connection at every phase of your event.


We've curated a collection of unique and useful branded products and sorted them by event phase to help make things run smoothly from planning to execution to follow-up! We have seen that by touching your audience from their initial visit to the after-event follow-up with branded merch creates a unique immersive experience and connection to your brand and the event itself, building a strong touchpoint.

Setting the Tone

A successful event begins and can end with how you plan. Establishing excitement in your audience is paramount to driving traffic and utilizing an impactful branded item can make a difference in the outcome.  Leverage  custom magnets in mailers to your audience as announcements and follow up with a missing piece puzzle mailer to create a buzz about your booth.

Wow them On-Site

It's go-time, and keeping up the excitement is a must.  Custom badges and lanyards upon registration reinforces the day and cool booth giveaways that have utility are what's hot now.  Look to branded drinkware and journals to provide daily after-show impressions. Pro tip, avoid the "arm dragger" swag crowd who are looking for all the goodies by qualifying attendees prior to the giveaway to solidify the relationship with your true audience. 

Key Takeaways

Make sure your brand messaging is present from the initial mailing, to registration, to right when they hit your booth with the custom show display making an instant impression. When following up after the event, provide something tangible that will compel your audience to re-connect in a meaningful way. Events are ideal for personalizing a brand, and take on many forms.  But remembering the occasion with a branded item that makes a lasting impression with your audience is priceless.

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