Top 7 custom branded merchandise items for back to school

Published: 2023-08-07T16:38:23+0000 Updated: 2023-08-07T16:38:25+0000 Author: Chris Wilson

​​Gearing up for Back to School Custom Swag

The top 7 items that are must-haves for back to school. 

August is always one of the hottest months of the year - and for parents, teachers and students, the dawn of yet another school year. It's a fresh start for many, for us parents it can be a stressful and exciting time as we look to getting the kids back on a schedule and out of our hair!  It also brings about an opportunity for schools and parents to leverage branded merchandise to help build school spirit, launch fundraising initiatives and build community engagement.

For students, there are certain must-haves for every school year, especially when it comes to toting around all the books! Custom backpacks for great branding opportunities for the schools, especially for districts that require clear backpacks for security purposes.  Staying hydrated is equally important during the day as many schools require clear bottles on campus.

Let's not overlook the Barbie factor this year, as the summer's blockbuster has become a major fashion trend this school year with branded pink apparel becoming a must-have this season.  Look to the 90's and Y2K fashion trends to continue influencing today's apparel choices for students.

Custom Backpacks that are essentially cool

Bottom line, the kids need em, they might as well be durable and cool. Our favorites are the Ogio Bounty Hunter Packthe Jansport Cool Student Backpack and the High Sierra Loop Pack  (pictured.). The cool factor is a MUST with the kids, and with many BYO device school requirements, computer packs are more important than ever. For clear backpack requirements, make sure that the bags do have stitched borders so that they don't break during the year.

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Hydrate with a Purpose

Many schools are requiring students to bring their own water bottles to school, and making sure they are leak proof and easy to use is important.

And with today's youth, making an impact on society is a growing trend especially in the Colleges.  Look to brands like Hydro Flask and MiiR to provide bottles that make an environmental impact.

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Comfortably Fashionable

Let's not forget the fashion here folks! And to be clear, I'm talking about apparel that fits well, lasts and when it comes to schools, helps build community.

Custom hoodies are a staple item in School Spirit Stores, and our favorite is the Comfort Colors garment dyed sweatshirt, multiple colors and so soft it's like butter!

As for t-shirts, our go-to is the Bella Canvas brand that has a great feel and a retail cut that appeals to the college and High School crowd.  Not to mention Mom & Dad repping the school! Y'all didn't think I'd forget the Barbie reference now, did you? Comfort Colors has you covered in Pink across it's line of apparel so whether your tween is a Barbie or Ken, they can still look cool for school.

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Fundraise with ease

Bonus time for the HSA or school boards,  help raise funds AND build school spirit with Custom Swag Stores.  By adding a line of branded apparel and merchandise, parents and students can support the school and have merch they are proud of to use on campus. 

Branded merchandise for your students, faculty and parents can truly start your year off on the right foot. Ask one of our Brand Experts to help design custom merchandise for your school and build an exciting program to kick off this school year.

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