Connecting with Consumer Trends: 4 Strategies to Set Your Brand Apart

Published: 2023-10-18T14:48:25+0000 Updated: 2023-10-26T12:47:10+0000 Author: Chris Wilson

​Consumer Trends that Connect

Understanding what motivates your audience is the key to building brand connections.

Understanding your target audience is essential when you are building emotional connections and loyalty with your brand. These connections can ultimately lead to increased trust and a healthier bottom line. By focusing on consumer trends, you can refine your marketing strategy to resonate with your audience's preferences and interests. In this article, we'll look at four current consumer profiles identified by a leading global trend forecasting group and share strategies to effectively engage with these consumers. As you read on, ask yourself:

  1. Do any of these profiles align closely with my target audience?
  2. Are my marketing efforts addressing the preferences of my target consumer groups?
  3. How can I use various marketing mediums to strengthen emotional connections with my brand?

1. The New Nihilists: Redefining Meaning and Happiness

The term "Nihilist" has historically referred to extreme skepticism, but the "New Nihilists" are opting out of the world's turmoil while still seeking meaning and happiness. These non-conformist and contemplative individuals are drawn to speculative ideas and creative genres like chaos culture, gaming, and alternative therapy. To gain their trust, prioritize honesty, authenticity, and humor in your marketing efforts. The New Nihilists don't want to feel like they're being sold to, so be genuine in your content and merchandise choices.

55% of global Millennials in their mid-30s are dissatisfied with democracy – a disillusionment that is significantly higher than Gen X or Baby Boomers felt at similar ages.

2. The Reductionists: Prioritizing Values and Connection

After embracing digital convenience during the pandemic, Reductionists seek to re-establish in-real-life connections and communities. They value kindness, integrity, and believe in supporting people and the planet through their purchases. Efficiency is important to them, but they also prioritize sustainability and ethics. To connect with Reductionists, ensure your values align with theirs, and use emotional storytelling to convey your brand's message.

A Psychological Bulletin review of more than 200 studies showed that pro-social behaviors like altruism result in better mental and physical health. ​​​​

3. The Time Keepers: Valuing Enrichment and Freedom

For Time Keepers, time is a precious resource, and they seek to enrich their lives through daily rituals and meaningful experiences. They value quality over quantity, focusing on intergenerational friendships based on shared interests rather than age. Offer products and services that save them time and add value to their lives, and emphasize flexibility and freedom.

37% of adults in the U.S. have a close friend who is at least 15 years older or younger than they are, and 20% of those close intergenerational friendships have lasted for more than 20 years.

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4. The Pioneers: Bridging the Digital-Physical Divide

Pioneers straddle the physical and digital worlds, aiming to bridge the gap between the two. They are entrepreneurial risk-takers attracted to inspiring products and services that seamlessly connect their digital and physical spaces. Spark their interest with innovative ideas and problem-solving solutions that enhance both worlds.

The projected global revenue for video games is expected to reach $321 billion by 2026, rising at a compound annual growth rate of 8.4%.

Strategies for Connecting with Trending Consumer Groups:

  1. Provide Relief: Offer products and services that provide a sense of calm, escapism, or humor, particularly as people grapple with economic pressures, climate change, and instability.

  2. Build Communities: Embed a human touch into your offerings and ensure your business positively impacts your community. Respect for people and the planet can help build a lasting, loyal following.

  3. Emphasize Quality: In a world of overwhelming choices, stand out by offering superior quality and communicate how your products or services add value to consumers' lives.

  4. Enhance Hybrid Lifestyles: Recognize that people often switch between different modes and worlds. Create products and services that make these transitions smoother, supporting their hybrid lifestyles.

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