Published: 2023-01-24T23:23:53+0000 Updated: 2023-01-24T23:23:55+0000 Author: Chris Wilson

White Castle gets all Lovey Dovey for Valentine's Day

​Releases a 'Love Castle' themed custom merch line to celebrate the Day

Yes, I'm talking about White Castle of the movie "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle" fame.  The brand has been known to play off of its name for themed promotions, coming off its recent Night Castle themed program.  And for Valentine's Day, they are upping their branding game.

For those who have a hankering for those little burgers, they will be rolling out the branded table covers and holiday decor at their restaurants with table side service and, yes I am saying it, reservations are required.

To even further complement the evening, White Castle is launching its 'Love Castle' branded merchandise collection to really set the tone.  T-shirts, heart shaped sunglasses, and a custom love castle robe will give those raving fans something to remember and increase White Castle's brand credibility.

These themed capsule releases of merchandise by fast food chains have become increasingly popular in that space, as it creates a sense of urgency for their customers to buy their branded items and increases that brand loyalty.  These limited release themed merchandise collections allow brands to reward customers with unique items and apparel that connects with their daily lives and builds a trust factor without over saturating the marketplace.

So if you and your significant other are planning to have a late night bite somewhere near a 'Love Castle' on Valentine's Day, make sure you go there in style repping the White Castle brand! 

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