Published: 2023-04-17T14:58:52+0000 Updated: 2023-04-17T14:58:55+0000 Author: Chris Wilson

​Summer calls to be Outdoors

Make Brand memories with merchandise and apparel geared toward active outdoor lifestyles.

Summer to me has always been beach season, the sun, sand and surf calling me to the Gulf of Mexico. But as we said in this year's Trends Report it seems like these days there are more impactful experiences  to be had than ever before. By tapping in to today's activity-driven movement, Brands have the ability to connect to their employees and customers with custom merchandise that will enhance that experience and amplify the Brand connection.

Getting back to Nature

Unplugging from everyday life has a strong draw, which has seen hiking and camping surge in interest over the past few years. Experiencing nature is a simple way to create that quality time with friends and family as well as a health booster!

Look to merch ideas that build on these experiences with custom day packssleeping bags or hammocks for those fun glamping occasions. 

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​Take the Party Outside

With better weather comes opportunities to entertain al fresco! This also brings branding opportunities that connect to everyday life in  a social environment.  Charcuterie boardswine sets and  picnic sets are ideal for such occasions and can be utilized as recognition items. 

Let's not forget that summer is peak grilling season - believe me, I'm out there all the time! BBQ sets are a must - especially for Dad - and keeping those beverages cold while cooking is equally important with koozies

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Be Sporty

Y'all... pickle ball is for real, and it's the it sport this year, more than 3.5 million people played in 2022! Outdoor games are great branding opportunities to integrate health & wellness with some good ole fashion fun.

Classic games such as cornhole are always popular, but also look to yoga as a way to promote wellness. 

We can't overlook the beach, I mean it's a mainstay! Beach towels offer utility and huge branding areas for promotions, and suntan kits promote that healthy lifestyle.

Speaking of alternative sports, Fishing has seen a huge increase with 3.5 million people going for the first time in 2022.  Capitalize on this trend with custom fishing shirts and sun protective hats to wear while catching that monster!

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Summer truly is a perfect season to enjoy the outdoors and for Brands, it offers unique opportunities to integrate their Story in to everyday use. Think about how best your brand can help make an occasion easier and design your promotion based upon creating meaningful moments.  Better yet, let one of our Brand Experts  help design an outdoor moment for your next promotion!

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