Published: 3/14/2022 Updated: 3/14/2022 Author: Chris Wilson

Nurses have always been at the frontlines of healthcare, but never more so than in the last two years. 

From nursing assistants to nurse practitioners, pediatric to primary care to oncology nurses, nurses throughout the healthcare industry have all shouldered the enormous task of keeping people healthy during a time of healthcare worker shortages, supply shortages, and the intense public health demands of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

For National Nurses Week 2022, make sure that you show the nurses on your healthcare team how much you value them and their commitment to their jobs. Looking for inspiration? Check out below for National Nurses Week gift ideas for staff.

Help them feel supported

A healthy workplace climate, positive feedback, and opportunities for growth are crucial for helping nurses feel supported—as is feeling like part of the team. 

This year, use your National Nurses Week gifts to build a sense of camaraderie. Branded tote bagszip-up fleece jackets, or even a simple, sustainably crafted branded t-shirt can evoke a sense of being a valued member of your team. 

Take your company culture to the next level for nurses by creating branded onboarding kits for new nurses. Go beyond the employee manual and include a tote, branded water bottle, notebook and pen, phone case, and more.

Help them feel energized

Being a nurse means long hours standing and physically demanding work. Help keep your nurses feeling energetic and ready to provide exceptional patient care. 

Branded coffee mugs can be a valued sign of your appreciation. Go the extra step by selecting vacuum-lidded mugs—this way, your nurses can take their caffeine with them anywhere they go. Ask us about personalizing the mugs for that extra touch!

Customized water bottles are always a welcome gift. After all, hydration is also important for keeping energy levels up. Water bottles are available in every imaginable size, color, style, and price point. You’re sure to find the right option for your gifting.

Finally, don’t forget about offering a blood-sugar-boosting snack as part of your Nurses Week gift plan. From sweet little gummy bear snack canisters to attention-grabbing snack towers, a tasty treat is always a welcome thank-you. 

Help them feel organized

Nurses are busy—recording medical histories, administering medications, running diagnostic tests, monitoring patient health, and more. Give them the gift of organization this National Nurses Week.

For nurses, it’s especially important to have critical items on hand. Branded badge holders can keep their all-important nursing badge at the ready, and a personalized emergency kit can keep all the essential items together so your nurses can spring into action quickly. 

Nurses also need to stay organized when they're at their desks. Consider wireless charging desk organizers for your nursing staff so they can charge their phones, store their pens and notebooks, and stick post-it notes. 

Help them feel rested

After a long shift, nurses look forward to the chance to rest their feet and unwind. Help them achieve maximum relaxation with your National Nurses Week gifts for 2022. 

Cozy socks and warm fleece blankets are perfect for curling up on the couch, along with an eco-friendly fleece zip-up. You can go the extra mile, though, with a customized yoga mat to help lower stress and tension, or even a branded Rest and Relaxation Kit with aromatherapy candles, neck pillow, essential oils, and an adult coloring book and pencils. 

Nurses are highly skilled, compassionate professionals whose dedication to helping others makes them among the most truly essential workers. Make sure your organization shows its nursing staff how much you value them this year for National Nurses Week 2022.

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